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Station Hand/Farm Hand


Skillset: Station Hand or Farm Hand

Ideal Job Position: Station Hand

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The AgWay Recruitment

Jobseeker Bio

Liam – After completing his Certificate III in Agriculture at Tocal College, Liam is actively seeking a station hand or farm hand position to enhance his skills and knowledge in the agricultural industry. Liam possesses valuable skills and experiences, including low-stress stock handling and practical expertise in mustering on quads, tagging, vaccinating, drafting, drenching, and backlining. He can operate John Deere 160HP tractors, front-end loaders, he is confident and capable of constructing new fences and carrying out repairs and maintenance on existing ones. Liam’s previous 1.5-year apprenticeship with trucks has provided him with valuable knowledge in essential servicing and maintenance of tractors, trucks, cars, and bikes. This additional expertise makes him versatile and capable. Liam’s qualifications extend beyond his agriculture certificate, as he also holds a Chemical Certificate, First Aid Certification, a White Card and a Certificate II in shop fitting. These various certifications highlight his commitment to learning and ability to adapt to different work environments. Furthermore, Liam’s references vouch for his reliability, punctuality, trustworthiness, and strong work ethic, and they can attest to his proficiency in handling his 9-month-old working dog. While Liam may need more experience in the field, his passion and enthusiasm for the agricultural industry make up for it. He is highly motivated to embark on a long-term career in agriculture. He is actively seeking a position that will provide him with the opportunity to kick-start his professional journey. Liam’s passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to the industry set him apart and make him an ideal candidate for employers looking to invest in a dedicated and driven individual who will contribute to the success of their agricultural operations. 

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