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Recruiter: Jess

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Claire is a passionate and enthusiastic individual with a strong work ethic and a genuine eagerness to learn. Growing up in a rural area of Tasmania and raised on a small family farm, she has developed a deep connection to agriculture and a profound appreciation for the outdoors. During her free time, she engages in various activities such as playing polocrosse, dirt bike riding, camping, 4-wheel driving, fishing, and actively assisting on the family farm. These experiences have instilled a sense of responsibility and a strong work ethic. Her experience has involved caring for horses, including managing 15 polocrosse horses in full work, feeding, mucking out stables, and ensuring their overall well-being. Additionally, Claire can operate tractors, rakes, tedders, bailers’ rippers, and small boom sprayers. Her livestock skills include goat and cattle mustering, drafting, milking, calving, drenching, and water runs. In addition to her livestock experience, she has also worked in the forestry industry. This role involved mixing chemicals, operating side by sides with spray setups, and conducting general maintenance tasks. This has given her a diverse skill set and an understanding of various aspects of agricultural operations. Claire holds a Certificate III in Agriculture, a Chemical Certificate, a Low-Stress Handling Certificate, a First Aid Certificate, a Certificate II in Design and Production, and she holds tickets for Forklifts, Chainsaws, Tractors, ATV’s and buggies. These certifications showcase her commitment to expanding her skill set and enhancing her capabilities in the agricultural sector. She is currently seeking a position as a station hand or feedlot hand near Miles, Queensland. She holds a manual drivers licence and has a 4 x 4 Ute and her references all vouch for her reliability, trustworthiness, and strong work ethic. With her diverse skill set, strong work ethic, and genuine enthusiasm for the industry, she can make a positive contribution to any agricultural operation.

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